Exercise at Home: Build Muscle & Burn Fat

If you think your muscles are flabby, or perhaps maybe they are just not as firm as they used to be when you were younger or worked out, you have reached the right place to find exercises to do at home. Well-toned muscles are not just for the beach, but are important for a number of reasons:

  1. Having strong, toned body muscles will increase your metabolism significantly! Muscles burn calories which has a meaningful effect on your BMR (BMR). Having muscles means you will burn calories all day every day!
  2. Having strong, toned muscles can really improve posture as well as help to avoid serious injuries!
  3. Muscle tone can be attractive to the opposite sex!

Working out to tone your muscles, with exercises to do at home, is easier to achieve if you can learn to avoid a common mistake made by many who start working out with exercises to do at home. Muscle tone is not about lifting a lot of heavy weight; it’s about light weight and a lot of repetitions. Even though light weight is necessary, you must use enough weight to ensure that your muscles are challenged.

With the right exercise equipment, like a Power Tower, the exercises to do at home below are a great example of using body weight to build muscle tone. Here are our five recommended exercises!

  1. Push Ups – these work your upper body – arms, chest and back.
  2. Dips – these work your upper body too – arms, chest and back.
  3. Leg Raises – these work your abs and legs.
  4. Pull-Ups – wide grip pull ups work your upper back while reverse grip pull ups (aka chin-ups) work your biceps.
  5. Sit Ups – these work your abs; there are many variations on them. You can do them with a good sit up bench or power tower.

When doing these exercises, be sure to challenge your muscles. Try to do at least do 12 repetitions (or reps in fitness speak) of each exercise. If you can’t do 12 reps, DON’T GIVE UP. It takes time to get there. Once you do, try super-charging your workout and calorie burning! Circuit training can be a great way to both build muscle and improve your cardiovascular functioning. Try this one when you think you can handle it:

  1. Here are the Exercises:

  2. Here is the routine:

    • Push Ups – Do as many pushups as you can for 30 seconds
    • Rest for 30 seconds
    • Dips – do as many dips as you can for 30 seconds
    • Rest for 30 seconds
    • Leg Raises – do as many leg raises as you can for 30 seconds
    • Rest for 30 seconds
    • Wide Grip Pull Up – do as many pullups as you can for 30 seconds
    • Rest for 30 seconds
    • Reverse Grip Pull Up – do as many pullups as you can for 30 seconds
    • Rest for 30 seconds
    • Sit Ups – do as many sit ups as you can for 30 seconds
    • Rest for 1 to 2 minutes, start again

Many people at the gym “pumpin’ iron” don’t know what they are doing. Many of them are just there to hang out, going through the motions thinking that they are benefiting their bodies. THAT NEVER WORKS! You need to work your muscles and let them respond, which is how they tone. With these exercises to do at home, if you’re diligent, keeping a positive attitude, and you use the appropriate technique, you see meaningful results within six to eight weeks. GET STARTED TODAY!

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