Tips on How to Use a Sit-up Bench With Sit-up Bench Exercises

A sit-up bench is a great exercising equipment because it helps you achieve your fitness goals with most straightforward possible exercises. While being user-friendly, sit up bench offers a whole lot of exercises for fitness lovers. You can use perform sit up bench exercises to strengthen your different muscle groups at various points. It can be used to strengthen your abdomen and whole body unique muscles. You can perform many different exercises with a sit-up bench, and the results of its workouts have been quite astonishing.

However, using a sit-up bench is a bit tricky since any wrong move can get you injured so make sure you plan and research well before actually using a sit-up bench. If used well it can get you those abs very soon so make sure you invest properly planned efforts in this one so you can get effective results in time.

Basic instructions on how to use a sit up bench

Find out the very basic tutorial on how to use a sit up bench in the video below.

Tips to use a sit-up bench

There are some tips which can help you get even more effective results with sit-up bench exercises, follow the tips below.

1. Do get a consultation

You need a go-ahead from your doctor if you already have problems with lower back and spine, even people with neck problems should get a go-ahead from their doctor. Using sit-up bench can be injurious to you if you are suffering from any physical pains. Make sure to consult your doctor before using this workout bench.

2. Use those sides

If you have used a sit-up bench or even seen one, you may know that the traditional model of a sit-up bench only works on your lower and upper abs and the side muscles just get neglected, so make sure to engage those too. Divide your focus to obliques too. The side muscles are essential for the V-cut midsection, and they must be used too.  

3. Effective muscle contraction

You should not be using the power or energy of your legs to support the lift, but instead, all responsibility for lifting should be put on your abs. This can be best achieved by moving slowly. It will be much easier for you to concentrate on the contraction of your muscles if you move them slowly. It will be good for nothing if you sit up without any power used by your abs. Also, you might end up hurting your back.

4. Don’t do it all the way

You don’t have to go through the full sit up every time. After some time, the abdominal muscles stop to engage and doing it repeatedly at once might hurt your back. So you have to go to a point where your muscles start to work and by lowering slowly back to the initiation point.

5. Multiple exercises

Sit-up bench doesn’t only mean sit-ups, in fact, you can do multiple types of exercises with a sit up bench. You can try various exercises to train your abs with a sit up bench. For instance, you can do an in-line leg raise, Russian twist, crunches, and hip raise. This will give you different angles to get your abs and achieve even better results. Apart from abs exercises, you can perform a various range of the exercises on a sit-up bench, which are discussed below.

6. Try at multiple levels

You can change the levels of board and increase it to the upper level, this will make it a bit challenging for your abs and will eventually help you to make more of abs exercise. It will make your abs much stronger; the rectus abdominis size also grows with this exercise and the pop right out so you can achieve those six packs pretty fast.

Another exercise which will help you to achieve more in less time would be the decline bench exercise with added weight. You can add this weight on your chest with a weight plate or dumbbell.

How to Achieve Max Results

If you want to train your core muscles and achieve much more results, you should get all other types of exercises done and not just the sit-ups. You have to add 3-4 different exercises and then create a circuit. After formulating a good workout circuit, all you have to do it repeat the drill again and again, and you may take rests in between depending upon your stamina.

For instance, you can do a circuit ab workout with regular sit-ups which will enhance the rectus abdominis and then to Russian twist for focusing your obliques and more crunches and leg will help you align the improvements of upper and lower abs.

Six packs tip

You need to make a lot of effort for achieving the flat stomach because if you have any fat on your abdomen, then exercise will have to be planned accordingly with the right diet and cardio workout which will help you to achieve a flat stomach and lower the body fat. Your abs muscles will get the energy, and the fats will start to wear off. You can also do weight training for compound exercises which will help you make your abs much more stronger.

Sit up bench exercises

Let’s have a look at few of the exercises you can perform on a sit up bench to make an effective workout.

1. Decline chest press

This exercise is known for activating your pectoralis major. This muscle is essential one as it is the one which is most bulky in the chest and helps in the stability of front part as well as the shoulder joint.

How to: You can lie on your back with knees fit right up in the sit-up bench rollers. You can hold a dumbbell in both of your hands and bring out your arms to your shoulder level and then bend both your elbows to the exact 90 degrees level. You then have to extend your elbows and then push the weight right up in the air while getting it back down slowly.

2. Trunk extension

You can do this exercise to strengthen the spine muscles in your body and help the back of the body to achieve stability and support the spine in a more controlled manner.

How to: You can lie down on your stomach while your knees must be sent securely to the end of the bench. You have to put the hands behind your head and help lift your upper body off the bench till the point it is parallel with the floor. You need to keep in this position for at least 1-2 seconds while turning back slowly.

3. Crunches

They are a great way to get those abs in shape. They help you completing your abdominal muscles workout and more importantly getting them in shape. It specifically targets a long, and flat muscle in front of your stomach called the rectus abdominis, and its function is to help and flex up your spine.

How to: This one is important to follow, all you have to do it keep your knees secured with the bench and lie on your back, put the hands at the back on your head and hold the weight of your head. Slowly start and try to lift your spine from the bench one after the other level increasing as you continue to perform it. Then afterward you will get to a point where you can extend to the level of sitting vertically. Repeat this exercise few times and go back slowly to the bench again.

4. Push-ups

A great and well-known body weight exercise which helps you to get your shoulder, legs, arm muscles and most importantly your chest muscles flexed and in shape.

How to: This one is quite easy because everyone knows the technique of performing it. However it becomes little controlled with a sit-up bench, all you have to do is place your hands on a sit up bench at the upper side and lean all the body weight on to your hands while rising your toes. Now as you start to do the exercise, bend your elbows and lower chest as it will start to touch the bench a little, hold the position for 1-2 seconds and then extend your elbows to lift your body weight and get back to the initial position. Repeat this multiple times before giving up because it is highly essential for your chest muscles you want in shape.

Final Words

A sit-up bench can be used for the whole body exercising, and people who use it correctly have achieved excellent results with its help. It gives you a proper and safe exercising unit so you can reach your fitness goals with minimum hassle and maximum support. It even helps your body to get in shape more quickly than traditional techniques of manual exercising because this equipment supports your body during the movements. Do consider a sit up bench if you want to get fit with complete ease.