Best Power Tower Exercises and Workout Routine

Weider Club 290 Power Tower

Power Tower is a great exercising equipment for excellent body-weight exercises at home. You can use power tower exercises for achieving perfect upper body shape. The pull ups and chin ups of power towers are a great way to do the right body weight exercises at the ease of your home. It is a great fitness equipment and has good sturdiness to make sure you don’t get hurt doing the exercise. It is a totally reliable equipment and has proven very helpful to a lot of people.

Most of the people have no idea about the uses of a power tower. You should know how to use a power tower so it can benefit you the best.

Let’s have a look at the few best power tower exercises which have satisfied customers a lot.

1. Pull ups / Chin ups

These are one of the best power tower exercises you can do, it is known to add muscle mass to your body and strengthen your back using your body weight. These exercises are great for boosting up your upper body by pulling the strength very effectively. They also help you to make your shoulders and muscles very broad in no time.

There are multiple things need to be considered for both pull ups and chin ups which change according to the change in distance of both your hands while doing the exercise. You can focus on the single muscle group and focus on muscles from different angles by using your hands only.

2. Push-ups

Another great bodyweight exercise which helps in building your chest muscles while helping you strengthen your shoulders and triceps. Push-ups have been famous in fitness lovers for a long time now and they have proven to be very effective in body weight building. Power tower even helps you do effective push-ups with its dip stations which come with handlebars. It is very useful because it lets you go deeper and that’s how your muscles can be stimulated in a full way because it provides more open motion however the distance between bars are sometimes not adjustable which limits your hand distance.

3. Leg / Knee Raises

Power towers are specially made for bodyweight exercising as it helps you to build up your abs, lower body, upper body, chest and so on.The leg or knee raising exercise is best for strengthening your entire core. However, because it is is not an easy exercise for beginners, so the beginners out there should start with knee lifts first.

The leg raise station is included in the power tower with highly comfortable back and arm pads which help you with good grip. The pads are made of thick foam and other relevant materials and that’s why they are so good at offering great support during use. Also, the leg raise stations help you in holding the right position of your body with every movement, which is very important.

There’s another thing about it because if you lift up your leg diagonally, you can train the oblique muscles very well.

4. Dips

Another unique power tower exercise which has the ability to completely empower your triceps. This is a great exercise overall and especially on your shoulders and chest. If you even lean forward more you will be able to work more on your pecs. It is also a killer exercise for your upper body and it should totally be in your workout routine because who doesn’t want this kind of fitness with such simple exercise.

Power Tower Workout Routine

Source: Bowflex

To give you a more clear idea about how power tower exercises can be planned, we are providing you with an effective workout routine. Doing these exercises daily can help you build body mass effectively and efficiently over even a short period of time. Have a look at the recommended workout routine with 3 sets.

  • Push-ups – minimum 10 reps.
  • Wide grip pull ups – minimum 5 reps
  • Dips – min. 5 reps
  • Reverse grip pull ups – min. 5 reps
  • Body weight squat – min. 10 reps
  • Hanging knee raises – min. 10 reps

Don’t forget to rest maximum 2 min between the exercises.

Also, see how this guy uses his power tower to do a full range of body wieght exercises.

Final Words

Power tower is a great exercising tool and can be really beneficial for your body and overall health. It adds a really positive impact on your body health and fitness. You can even make your abs at home with power tower because it is mainly a body weight exercising machine and body weight exercise has proven to be successful in building your body muscles and strengthening them. Just use the power tower in the right way and you will be very happy with your body fitness because this is the best exercise you can do at the ease of your home.