Best Roman Chair Exercises and Workout Routine

roman chair

Roman chairs have abundant benefits, and they provide great flexibility to your body. Roman chair is one of those equipments which are quite underestimated because it seems quite simple and boring but its uses are plentiful. Roman chair exercises can make your workout enjoyable, and it even helps you achieve great fitness goals.

Roman chairs are sometimes misused too because people don’t know its proper use and that’s why in this article, we will show you some great uses of the roman chair along with the best workout routines designed for you so you can perform your exercises efficiently and make proper use of roman chair exercises.

Roman Chair Benefits

A roman chair can give you a lot of reasons to use it, but you must use it if you:

  • Leading a low activity lifestyle or the one which puts your back under unnecessary pressure and thus causing unhealthy effects on your back and weakening your back while ruining your posture.
  • Usually, lift heavy weights as part of your job or training. Doing roman chair exercises will put your back in a good posture and will help you avoid any back injuries.
  • Try to improve your sports, irrespective of the sports type because roman chair exercise helps you to strengthen your muscles which is good for any sport ranging from swimming to golf.
  • Desiring to get an ideal shape of hips, waist, abs, glutes, and hamstrings because it will be helping you strengthen your muscles and make them tight.

Roman Chair Exercises

Many people have no idea how to use a roman chair, but don’t worry we are here to help. Roman chair provides many exercising options and possibilities if you are a fitness lover. You can increase the resistance of your body by adding the weight plate or dumbbell on your chest while exercising. However, you need to do at least 20 correct reps if you want to do this extra weight lifting with the exercise number of repetitions should be high if you’re adding the weight because back injuries may occur due to heavy loads.

1. Roman Chair Ab Exercises

You can do ab exercises on a roman chair, for example, roman chair sit-ups can be done on the roman chair. It is harder than the traditional sit-ups which are done on the floor, and it is even harder than the sit-ups which are done on abs bench because in this case when you move backward, you are practically in the air. It will require you to use much more energy to keep that posture of the body during the exercise. However, this exercise will help you a lot in building your core muscles. You have to do this one very slowly without any momentum and make sure always to set the rollers to your height. So you can keep your ankles very much fixed and exercise in a comfortable position.

2. Roman Chair Twist

An advanced version of Russian twist, the roman chair twist can be done on a roman chair. All you have to do is set up on the bench and reach the position where your abdomen muscles are most flexed. You will find this position somewhere around 90 degrees, but instead of going back and forth you have to keep that point while twisting to your left and right side. It will help you make those six-pack muscles and help your body to oblique perfectly. It can be made a bit more interesting by adding an extra weight plate in your hands, make sure you are not holding it too close and keep it a bit away from your body to avoid any injury.

3. Side Bend

This is one of the other fantastic exercises that you can do on a roman chair to strengthen your hips and obliques. Side bends are known for building good lower back. This one is, however, a bit harder as it requires more concentration. A lot of people do not like this one because it puts you out of your comfort zone and it is beneficial as well. All you have to do is find a bench which is thickly padded, put your hands behind your head and lift your body weight to turn to sides one after another.

4. Back extension

It is also a great one for your abs and back muscles and helps you to get flexed back muscles within no time. You just have to put your feet on the foot stands and your thighs on the pads so your body can move well while being free to hinge at hips. After placing your feet and thighs, cross your arms over your chest while keeping the straight back including entire spine and head. Once you are all set up, it is time to engage those abs. Move upwards and downwards to get those abs working and repeat the exercise for multiple reps.

Workout Routine

We have designed a great workout routine for the roman chair, all you have to do is follow it and get fit in days. Make 3-4 rounds from the following exercises with or without rest between.

  • Back extension – 15-20 reps
  • Chair sit up – 15-20 reps
  • Twist – 15-20 reps

This workout routine will help you achieve your fitness goals with simple and very easy exercises.

You can also follow this workout instruction by eHow.


Final Words

Roman chair is not entirely used because only a few know its ability to support your body in doing best exercises. It can get you fit in very reasonable time, and you will owe significant time to the roman chair because if used well, you will achieve those most wanted fitness goals in no time.