Power tower, also known as body towerknee raise station or captain’s chair, is an exercise equipment that trains a lot of muscles throughout your body. It mainly targets upper body and abdominal portion. Power tower is a bulky and large piece of exercise equipment. However, it is a reasonable alternative to gym workout sessions.

If you are a fitness freak who wants to stay in shape but at the same time feels too lazy to leave your home then buying a body tower can set things right for you. Power tower is a personalized gym or home equipment for exercise that can help you lose extra fats from your body and get a fit physique. However, when it comes to actually choosing a body tower, there are a lot of options available in the market. Sometimes, the price is right, but the product is too bulky, while sometimes the body tower is extremely expensive and falls out of your budget range.

Why would you choose a power tower over a roman chair?

While a Roman Chair allows you to work only your abs, obliques and legs, investing in a Power Tower will allow you to do the same exercises as well as exercises for the upper body (arms and upper back). This added versatility can be done affordably. While a Roman Chair allows you to do only a handful of exercises, a Power Tower lets you do many more!

You can utilize a power tower to train your biceps, forearms, chest and triceps. Power tower or captain’s chair is a more productive and efficient machine to train your body and strengthen your core. It basically allows you to train your body using your own body weight.

Check out our list of 5 Best Power Tower in 2019.

Best Power Tower 2019 Comparison Table

In order to help you select the best, here we bring you all the essential features of five best power towers available in the market. It is important to understand that you should buy a product that delivers results as per your fitness requirements.

NameRoman ChairBaseSpace RequiredCheck Price on Amazon
Bowflex Body Towerroman chair50" x 50"17.5 sq ftroman-chair-price
XMark Power Towerxmark power tower54.5" x 48"18 sq ftroman-chair-price
XMark Fitness Power Towerxmark fitness power tower54.5" x 48"18 sq ftroman-chair-price
Stamina 1700 Power Towerstamina 1700 power tower54.5" x 48"18 sq ftroman-chair-price
Weider Club 290 Power TowerWeider Club 290 Power Tower31" x 44"10 sq ftroman-chair-price

1- Bowflex BodyTower – The Best Power Tower

Bowflex is no new name in the fitness industry. Known for their versatile and reliability, Bowflex BodyTower is an all in one home gym equipment. It is loaded with all the features that make it an excellent choice when it comes to buying a body tower.

Bowflex BodyTower weighs 120Lbs and is 77” tall. It’s 50”X50” wide and takes a decent amount of space. However, this height allows user weight capacity of 300 pounds making it ideal for people of all weights and sizes.

Made from the finest commercial-grade steel, Bowflex BodyTower comes with easy adjustable horizontal bars that can be shifted very easily according to your height and requirement. The quick motion allows you to do a wide range of exercises including, push-ups, dips, leg raises, etc. It works incredibly well as a pull-up station, providing just the right posture to work with.

The sling grips work as an additional feature that makes Bowflex BodyTower a preferable choice than other body towers. They are ideal for performing inverted rows and similar exercises. It also comes with an illustrator attached to the back section of this body tower, which shows how to perform around 20 exercises based on different intensity levels and physical requirements.

The features offered by Bowflex BodyTower come at a very reasonable price, making it complete fitness equipment for all gym freaks.

  • Durability & Ease of Use: this tower is very easy to use once assembled. The downside is that it has a few more mechanical parts than the other towers. With a slightly less favorable warranty, long-term durability is a consideration but not a concern. It requires about 17.5 sq ft of space and provides a maximum user weight limit of 300 pounds
  • Versatility: this is the most versatile of our five rates power towers. The handles adjusts up or down to allow for dynamic resistance ranges. If you are looking for a total body machine, THIS is it!
  • Affordability: given its versatility, we find the price for this power tower very attractive; it is extremely affordable, considering the offered features and quality.


  • It offers adjustable horizontal bars, which will allow you to perform more types of exercises, with varying resistance.
  • This tower comes with cushioned back pad, hand grips, and sling straps, which are quite beneficial for beginners.
  • It is quite durable and solid
  • This machine is designed as per contemporary standards hence, it is evidently effective and convenient
  • Bowflex body tower is fairly easy to assemble and dismantle
  • You can utilize it to perform a variety of exercises including dips, push-ups, squats, supine row, knee raise and chin-ups.
  • Ideal for the upper-body workout.


  • It is not quite compact and takes up some room
  • Limited warranty is offered by Amazon, for this product
  • This machine may not be stable enough and is vulnerable to wobbling if the surface isn’t favorable
  • Even though it is easy to assemble, it involves more mechanical parts compared to its counterparts
  • Taller people would prefer more room while doing dips.

Overall, because of its versatility and great value, we rank the Bowflex Body Tower our #1 pick.

Power Tower Price

2- XMark Power Tower XM-4434 with Vertical Knee Raise, Dip Station and Pull Up Bar xmark power tower

Finding the perfect balance between positioning and stability in a power tower can be a hectic task, especially if the budget is restricted. The XMark XM-4434 solves this problem. Its tall design makes it an excellent choice for all the fitness lovers who want to stay in shape without leaving the house.

XMark XM-4434 has a very innovative design that adds up to its functionality. The closed together dip bars not only allow you to work on your chest and triceps directly but it also prevents any rotator cuff injuries that can occur, when working out in full motion.

It also comes with a built-in push-up bar with coated cushions that provide a firmer grip on the bars. Both the pull up and push up bars are located opposite to each other which saves a lot of space.b

In order to prevent any movement during the workout sessions, XMark XM-4434 has rubber end caps attached to the feet of the tower, keeping it still. It comes with a lifetime warranty which makes it a reliable choice.


  • Durability & Ease of Use: this tower is very easy to use once assembled. With a lifetime warranty in place along with heavy construction, long-term durability is not a concern. It provides 350lb of user weight capacity and requires 18sq ft space.
  • Versatility: of the remaining power towers, this one offers slightly more versatility with the frame constructed to include dip and pull-up bars.
  • Affordability: as of the time of this writing, this power tower had the lowest price; it is extremely affordable.


  • The design of this machine allows you to perform narrow or wide pull-ups.
  • It comes with Skid resistant rubber feet for protection against floor damage.
  • 14-guage steel used for the construction of the mainframe.
  • Extra-thick, tear resistant cushion
  • Comes with side wheels to make it easier to switch places.
  • More stable and steady
  • Provides built-in push grips
  • Amazon offers lifetime warranty for frame, mechanical parts, and pads
  • Scratch-resistant powder coating finish
  • Specially designed to train upper body, back, and abs.


  • Even though it’s fairly steady, you may end up rocking it while performing aggressive exercises.
  • Components used in this machine feel kind of flimsy.
  • It requires more time and skill to assemble this machine
  • Vinyl, paint and finish not covered under warranty

It is an average priced power tower that will pretty much do the job. Overall, because it is slightly less versatile than the Bowflex Body Tower, we rate the XMark XM-4434 a close second.

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3- XMark VKR XM-4432 Vertical Knee Raise with Dip and Pull-up Station Power Tower 

Most of the body towers available in the market are usually bulky and fail to deliver performance with good design. However, this is not the case with XMark XM-4432. This is an all in one tower that does wonders for all fitness lovers.

Made from 14-gauge steel and scratch-resistant powder coating, this body tower not only wins the design but the extra thick back cushion provides support for all sort of intensive workout sessions. It also comes with 4-inches thick roller pads that give extra strength and comfort.

The feature that makes XMark XM-4432 a more desirable choice than other body towers is its vertical knee raise station, along with twin dip handles and pull-up bars. It is designed in a way that it saves space. Also, the adjustable sit-up stations with padded foot bar can be incredibly helpful for abdominal exercises.

XMark XM-4432 body tower comes with a lifetime warranty, which makes it quite reliable. Also, the rubber covered handles and padded foot bar make this body tower extremely comfortable for intense workout sessions.

  • Durability & Ease of Use: this tower is also very easy to use once assembled. As with our #2 pick, there is a lifetime warranty in place along with heavy construction so long-term durability is not a concern. Assembling this machine is quite easy too. This machine can offer a maximum weight limit of 350 lb and requires 18sq ft of room.
  • Versatility: this power tower offers less versatility than the Top 2, though it does allow for a wide range of exercises to work the entire body. It can train your chest, back, and abdominal muscles.
  • Affordability: as of the time of this writing, this power tower had the highest price; if money is not an issue, that’s fine; if it is, purchase the #2 pick instead.


  • Comes with Skid resistant rubber feet to protect floors.
  • Includes rear-resistant cushion
  • Includes Tear-resistant and double stitched vinyl
  • Five-position adjustable sit-up ankle pads to adjust resistance and intensity of your workout
  • Offers narrow and wide pull-up bars
  • Ergonomically spaced twin dip handles to aid dip workout and strengthen arms/shoulders
  • It also comes with sit up station and adjustable padded foot bar for a more intense abdominal workout.
  • Handles are rubber-covered.
  • Fine, scratch resistant powder-coated finishing
  • Lifetime warranty offered by Amazon
  • Sturdy and well-built
  • Quite comfortable to work on


  • Paint, finish, and vinyl not covered under warranty
  • Tall and bulky people may experience issues including wobble.
  • Tall people may collide with the backrest.

It is a diverse and powerful equipment. Overall, because it is slightly less versatile than the two towers ranked above it, we rate the XMark Fitness Power Tower as our third pick.

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4- Stamina 1700 Power Tower

stamina 1700 power tower

Stamina 1700 Power Tower is another body tower that is loaded with all the features that you are looking for. This power tower allows you to perform a wide variety of exercises including triceps, dips, vertical raises, push-ups, pull-ups. The smart design helps you to work on your chest backs and arms, all by using one body tower.

Unlike most of the body towers, Stamina 1700 Power Tower does not require daily adjustments; only minimal changes are needed if you change your exercise routine.

Furthermore, it is very comfortable. Use of vinyl pads and an assembled frame helps to get a stronger grip during intense workout sessions. It has a user weight capacity of 250 pounds, making it ideal for all weights and heights.

Along with being extremely stable and functional, Stamina 1700 Power Tower also allows you to do chin-ups, which is not possible with most other power towers.  Also, keeping the price in mind, Stamina 1700 Power Tower comes with a five-year warranty, where you can get the steel framed fixed for free directly from the manufacturer. Hence, this is a body tower that fulfills its price.


  • Durability & Ease of Use: this tower is easy to use once assembled and comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Versatility: this power tower offers less versatility than the Top 3, though it does allow for a wide range of exercises to work the entire body. It provides multiple workout stations for push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, triceps dips, and vertical knee raises.
  • Affordability: as of the time of this writing, this power tower was priced at the middle of the range of our recommendations. It is an affordable, durable option.


  • Ideal for total-body workout
  • Provides an intense workout
  • Comfortable and padded back support to aid comfort
  • Offers multiple grip positions to perform diverging exercises
  • Strong Steel frame ensures that the product lasts long
  • Secure, foam hand grips are included for more comfort
  • Increased stability and sturdiness
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Triggers majority of your body muscles.


  • Little wobbly and shaky on carpet

Overall, this power tower is another quality piece of exercise equipment. While we have recommendations ranked more highly, it is only because we have brought you the best-of-the-best – this power tower will do the job.

Power Tower Price

5- Weider Power Tower

If you are searching for a power tower that specifically focuses on your upper body along with other body weight exercises, then Weider Power Tower will put your search to rest. This power tower has all the features that make it a very reliable choice.

It comes with a multi-grip pull-up station that focuses primarily on your shoulder, back and arm muscles. On the other hand, the push-up station of this power tower helps you to gain a perfect chest shape and triceps along with regular push-ups.  Similarly, the dip station can also be used to enhance chest and deltoid muscles.

Weider Power Tower with its vertical knee raise station also lets you work on your lower abdominal, especially if you want to lose some inches around your waist. Doing knee raises, or other stomach exercises are much effective and comfortable with Weider Power Tower.

It is made from durable steel tubing, which lasts long and is reliable. Also, it takes very little time to assemble and require less manual labor to do so, unlike most power towers. The customer rating for Weider Power Towers is extremely satisfying, making it one of the fine choices when it comes to buying body towers.

  • Durability & Ease of Use: Weider Power Tower is easy to use once assembled and comes with the shortest warranty of each of the rated towers. That said, Weider is a great brand and this tower should last you a long time under normal circumstances. The machine is very well-built and has a solid structure. It is likely to last long.
  • Versatility: this power tower allows for a wide range of exercises to work the entire body and, along with our #4 recommendation, represent the least versatile of the group. It provides pull-up station, push-up station, dip and VKR stations.
  • Affordability: as of the time of this writing, this power tower was priced at the middle of the range of our recommendations. It is an affordable, durable option.


  • Olympic width
  • Durable sewn vinyl cushions that are build to provide comfort and last long.
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Adjustable uprights and safety spotters
  • Durable steel tubing used for the construction of this machine ensures durability.
  • Can assist you with squats
  • Bench can be adjusted for declined positions
  • Can store weight plates
  • Pull-up station can train your back, shoulder and arm muscles
  • VKR station will trigger your lower abdominal muscles and strengthen your core.

Overall, this Weider power tower is another quality piece of exercise equipment. It is more of a complete package as it offers multiple stations for a total-body workout.

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Buying Guide for a Power Tower

Now that we have already discussed the features of a number of best Power Towers in 2019, it might have become quite confusing for you to decide which one is the best. In order to help you with choosing the most appropriate body fitter, here we bring you a comprehensive yet extremely useful buying guide. We strongly recommend you to go through this guide thoroughly before ending up buying one.

Six essential things to consider before buying a Power Tower

There are a number of factors that one should keep in mind when buying a Power Tower. Although all the above-mentioned instruments are equally efficient, their design and size might affect your workout. Below are a few tips that you should always consider before buying a Power Tower.

#1 Your weight and shape of the body

Most of the power towers in the market are designed for all types of weights and body shapes. However, it is still preferred to check the features and details of the instrument before purchasing it. Make sure it compliments your weight and size and is comfortable enough to ensure a smooth workout.

#2 Type of workout or exercise you want to do

The next thing is knowing the kind of workout you prefer. Some people are interested in light workouts while other opt for strenuous exercises. When it comes to power towers, there is a range of exercises to choose from. The basic models usually allow knee raises, push-ups, dips, etc. However, a more complex Power Tower will also include workouts like reverse grip pull ups, bodyweight squats, etc.

Also, many people aim for strenuous workouts without realizing that they are not physically fit enough to go such hardcore exercises. It is actually not healthy to go beyond your range and overdo exercises. Therefore, it is essential to know your level and the type of workouts you can do, before buying your power tower.

#3 The material of the power tower

Since you put an immense amount of pressure and strain on every workout instrument, including a power tower, it is essential that it is made up of stuff that is durable as well as comfortable enough to ensure a smooth exercise session. Whether it’s the cushion, the grips on the stands or the back covering of the seat, everything should be of supreme quality.

An ideal power tower will have a steel tubing that has been coated with powdered steel so that it remains smooth and shiny for a long period. It should also have best quality rubber grips to ensure tight grip of your hands, comfortable and thick seating foam, and vinyl upholstery.

#4 The available space in your gym

Several people buy power towers for their personal use and therefore prefer to keep them in their rooms. Since rooms are usually not wide enough to accommodate huge machines, it is better to consider the size of the machine and the available space before finalizing a power tower.

Some power towers can occupy quite a large space while others are pretty compact with their small footprints. For more certainty, you can measure the dimensions of the available space and compare it with that of the dimensions of the instrument.  When measuring, it is suggested to leave additional space on both sides of the instrument as you would need it while doing push-ups and pull-ups.

Also, keep in mind that a power tower needs a good amount of height. Therefore, it is important to choose a space with higher ceilings so that you can work out easily.

#5 Tough power tower body

Since one plans to carry out different types of workouts on a power tower that involves the instrument bearing all your weight, it is essential for the tower to have a sturdy body. If the power tower turns out to have a weak body that cannot bear your weight properly, the instrument is pretty useless. Therefore, before purchasing one, try it yourself to ensure that it’s strong and durable. Practice out some of your favorite workouts on it to ensure it is the best for you. However, if you are buying online, read all the features and specs of the instrument thoroughly.

Moreover, several famous eCommerce websites include customer reviews for each of their products. This helps new customers to decide which product is more suitable as per their needs. You can go through the customer reviews of your selected power tower to make sure it has a good previous record.  

#6 Price of the power tower

The price of a power tower is one of the most crucial factors that needs to be considered before finalizing the instrument. The prices of the power towers differ from one another depending on their specifications as well as quality. Therefore, one needs to have a fair sense of judgment to choose a tower that’s not only impressive in quality but also economical in price. However, if you have enough resources and price is not an issue for you then you should definitely opt for the best without even thinking twice.

It has usually been noticed that less expensive power towers have limited features such as compromised ergonomics and restricted movement for certain workouts. However, the absence of these features does not affect the overall performance of your tower. So, there is nothing like ‘only expensive power towers are effective with their functions’.


Now that we have provided you a detailed guide about some of the best power towers of 2019 available in the market, discussed all their features in detail, and provided you with a thorough buying guide, it’s the time for you to choose a tower that is most appropriate for your needs.

If you have any further query, let us know so that we can guide you about it.

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